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Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

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I'm holding the all-time leader in receiving yards in college football history, as well as 4th most receptions and 2nd most receiving TDs.


Also, I pointed this out earlier in the season, but there probably isn't a better spot for a highly drafted rookie receiver than in Mularkey's offense.

2004- While head coach of the Buffalo Bills, they select WR Lee Evans 13th overall. He finishes his rookie season as WR24 in standard.


2011- While OC of the Falcons, they take Julio Jones 6th overall. In standard, he finishes WR17 in total points, and WR9 in points-per-game.


2012- Moves on to be the head coach in Jacksonville. They select Justin Blackmon 5th overall. He finishes WR28 in standard.

So, we could expect Davis to step in and be relevant, especially since it seems Mularkey has confidence in him, and in rookies in general. Hell, even Tarjae Sharpe had some relevance early last season.





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For Injured Titans WR Corey Davis, the Mind Still Matters

Posted Oct 13, 2017 John Glennon at glennonsports@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @glennonsports.



NASHVILLE, Tenn. — In the midst of a recent Titans practice, wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson wheeled toward wide receiver Corey Davis and hit him with a string of questions:

“What do you (do) on the back of a curl route? What adjustments do you make on an out route if (the defense) is playing Cover-2 or press? What's your split on that route?”

The quick pop quiz is just one example of the extensive efforts the Titans are taking to make sure the fifth overall pick in the draft – who's been sidelined since Week 2 with a hamstring injury – stays connected to the team and the weekly game-plan.

Davis won't be playing Monday night against Indianapolis, but he could return as soon as the following Sunday against Cleveland.

Whenever Davis does next suit up, the Titans want to make sure he's the same star-in-the-making kind of player that hauled in six catches for 69 yards in his NFL debut. The best way to do that – given Davis' physical limitations – is to keep his football mind as finely tuned as possible.

“As long as he's staying into it from a mental aspect of it – staying focused, staying around the building and staying around the guys – then he's not going to get lost and go astray,” Titans wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson said. “That's the big thing for him and he's been doing a really, really good job of that.”

“He's the guy we call on”

Just what are the Titans doing to make sure Davis maintains that mental focus?

Here are a couple of examples:

• Titans offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie likens Davis to a little rubber ball during the team's offensive meetings, explaining that he bounces more things off Davis than any other player in the room.

“(Davis) is the guy where we're throwing something on the wall and saying, `Corey, what is everyone doing?'” Robiskie said. “It's not just, `Corey, what are you doing? What's your job?' It may be that we're installing something in the running game, but we'll still turn around and say, `Corey, what have you got in this?' Or, `Corey, what's that guy got to do here?' He's the guy we call on and the guy we question.”

Robiskie said Davis usually sits at a desk one seat behind and to the right of quarterback Matt Cassel during meetings, watching how Cassel takes notes and soaks in the game-plan. That knowledge comes in especially handy whenever Robiskie surprises him with even more questions.

“The head coach might say something at a team meeting or maybe the running backs coach installs something,” Robiskie said. “So I might go back to (Davis) 10 minutes later and say, `Hey, I wasn't paying attention. What did the coach say on this?' I know (the answer), but it's just a way of getting to (Davis). Did he make sure to write things down?”

• Jackson, who's in his first year as the team's wide receivers coach, hands Davis a practice script each day before the Titans take the field. That allows Davis to take so-called “mental reps,” familiarizing himself with his role even if he can't fully participate.

“He's going through the plays mentally, so then I'll go back to him and ask, `Hey, what do you have on this play? What's this play? What do you have to do here?'” Jackson said. “So I'm constantly quizzing and grilling him. That way when he gets back out here, mentally he's ready to go. He hasn't lost any ground.”

Jackson often follows up with a post-practice quiz while Davis works on his catching at the JUGS machine.

“When he's doing extra work and making sure his hands are fine-tuned, I'm grilling him then,” Jackson said. “I'm asking him questions from the script again, this time while he's doing something else. I want to see where his mind is.”

• Even the veteran receivers get in on the fun with Davis, as teammates like Eric Weems and Harry Douglas aren't about to let the talented Titans' rookie slide just because he's not active.

“We do a great job in our meeting room,” Weems said. “Even though he's not playing, we're quizzing him – `Hey, what you got here when this happens?' He's been doing pretty good with those answers. I'm ready to see what he can do (on the field).”

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26 minutes ago, Steelers0087 said:

You’ve got to have better options. At least wait to see if he’s healthy and produces before playing him.


Agreed. To me, he's a guy I want for those last 4-6 weeks of the season. He definitely has the chops to be an incredible WR.


In any type of keeper league, worth having him just in case.

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1 minute ago, 10giz said:


Agreed. To me, he's a guy I want for those last 4-6 weeks of the season. He definitely has the chops to be an incredible WR.


In any type of keeper league, worth having him just in case.


Yeah, I'm like many others...counting on him to help me during that final stretch run and the playoffs in both leagues. 


In my keeper league, he's a 10th round keeper next year. <insert fist pump here>

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Yeah, I bet you'd forgotten about that one. That was the complicated relationship that led Edward Norton to  find an outlet for his repressed anger and start Fight Club. 


I'm going down with this ship. I can't think of another player with a bigger discrepancy between his perceived value ("droppable" in the eyes of some managers) and his dynamic, game-changing talent. If he were in Cleveland or something I'd support dropping, but I'll bet Mariota knows what he has, and will willingly feed the beast (upon return). If Davis gets back to form, that offense is going to be sneaky nasty. Rishard Matthews is hugely underrated, too. 


I went gaga for Marlon Mack last week, so take all this with a grain of salt... but in redraft there's a part of me tempted to offer a player only slightly lower than Davante Adams tier, straight up for Davis. 


You laugh now... but I think it could look brilliant in retrospect--- assuming the manager likes Davis and is stingy about moving him, and you couldn't get him for less. 


There's an element of Mike Evans here in a "man amongst boys" sense... though whereas Evans finds some of his success through height and jump balls, I think Corey Davis will ultimately prove to be a more balanced receiver (with that similar physical dominance)


I really think dropping Davis is the kind of move that feels okay now, but comes with major pain and regret down the road.


On the other hand: hamstrings

#1 rule of Fight Club: don't talk about Fight Club.  Overrate the $#it out of the film to make yourself feel complex and "deep".   Don't drop Corey Davis. 

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3 hours ago, gus030 said:

If he is still out after the bye week, who is gonna remain on this train?

I'm late to the show (picked him up a week or two ago) but as a Mariota owner I realized he could really use a go-to receiver and that is obviously why Titans expended such a high pick on him. I'm in a good place record wise and won't need to ever start him (this week is the one I could use him the most). I doubt his upside will be matched by anyone else on the WW so I'm going to watch this thing play out. Rather him do nothing on my bench then blow up on another team. 

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10 hours ago, gus030 said:

75% of championship teams will have Corey Davis on their roster 


Honestly, I’m tired of reading all this hype for a guy who may not make it to the end. I understand injuries have plagued him his whole football career so what guarantee do we have when it starts to get colder that those hammies won’t reinjure themselves?


in other words, we’ve been strung around for 8 weeks....it is possible this turns to 16.

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I just dropped Snead for Corey Davis as a FA in a 20-team PPR team. I am 5-1, and barring injury, I don't see myself starting Snead over Chris Hogan in my flex, so I am investing my fantasy capital in Davis in hopes that he blows up in time for playoffs.

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