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Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

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4 minutes ago, Sticky2 said:

Now you all have me second guessing with the wind. 



I have that feeling that both teams are going to try and run the ball down the other throat and titans will play catchup in the 4th qtr

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You know Fantasy Football owns you when you’re looking up weather forecasts AND wind speeds to a city that you don’t live in, plan on going to or visiting soon. Hardest question of the week. Is 2-3 mph wind speeds going to make enough of a difference whether to insert Corey Davis into my lineup or not? 

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Just now, Gohawks said:

In fantasy he's better. I couldn't care less who is a better talent. It's irrelevant unless you play dynasty. 

health is a huge factor with that. But they do say the best ability is availability 

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Just now, Gohawks said:

Why JuJu has been doing for weeks is what Davis owners are dreaming for when they go to sleep at night. So how is he as good? 

that's like saying Rishard Matthews is better than Davis because he has better numbers on the year. OK Terrific

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