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Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

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5 hours ago, Warren Piece said:

2 TDs on 63 yards receiving last night.  I have Davis in my dynasty league but another guy has two top 10 WRs and I'm thinking of making an offer for one of them.   I'm agonizing over whether I should hang on to Corey and roll the dice that he'll be a stud WR for years to come.


Hard to bet on him with the current iteration of this offense.  This team doesnt pass enough to count on any pass catcher aside from Delanie

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2 hours ago, lolcopter said:

Laquon Treadwell 2.0 until further notice

DId you miss him catch two td's on sat??  Sure he had a bad year due to injuries but come on unlike Laquon you can see Davis talent on the field.  Guy just needs to fine tune his route running.

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I think Davis can be amazing. He just needs to be healthy in the offseason and camps. 


Mariota is generally (when healthy) a 1 read and take off guy. Walker is getting old but he's been the primary beneficiary of this for a while. We just need Davis to displace Walker and become the first read and the sky is the limit. 


A healthy camp with Mariota is essential to get this done though 

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1 hour ago, oban14 said:

I think all of us are getting sucked into a "great step forward" 2.0 for Mariota, Davis, and other Titans skill players.  I hope it works and I have to hang onto Davis anyway.



I will roster them if they are truly fallen angels come preseason. Titans offense was one of the biggest fantasy misses this season next to the Giants and Bucs

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