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Keenan Allen 2017 Season Outlook

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2 minutes ago, lolcopter said:


Disagree. I'd start Thielen over Allen this week in every single league and not even think twice about it


That's funny because in one of my leagues I drafted Allen and Thielen last night. Zero chance I am benching Allen. I guess we will see how it plays out. 

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1 hour ago, kobe24 said:


"I'm on record with @boltup15 as stating Tyrell will outscore Keenan Allen this season."


It sounds like you and Josh are both claiming Tyrell outscores Keenan this season. I guess I misunderstood what he meant in that comment.


He's on record arguing with me about this topic, could've been worded better. But no worries! 

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1 hour ago, lolcopter said:

I guess we will. Denver still has the best CB duo and pass rushing depth in the league. If you wanna take those chances be my guest

Without Ray, all I see is Miller. Wolfe is great, but your second best edge threat is gone.

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9 minutes ago, Br0kenB said:

Without Ray, all I see is Miller. Wolfe is great, but your second best edge threat is gone.


Shaq Barrett

DeMarcus Walker

Zach Kerr

Kasim Edebali looked solid and Crick and Gotsis are no slouches


doesn't matter though, you could start Von Miller with 10 JV players and the QB would still be running for their life

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7 hours ago, lolcopter said:


Harris doesn't play in the slot, but Roby is still damn good


this will be a Henry/Gates game, as Denver is notoriously bad at guarding TE. I'm benching Allen because I have better options in my PPR league

edit. You are right.

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6 minutes ago, ellie826 said:

Did that change? I could've swore he was a slot corner. He is 5'10 and if you google Chris Harris slot corner a bunch of articles pop up.


Chris Harris has been the starting "RCB" since 2014, after DR-C left.

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2 hours ago, Chwf3rd said:

Not sure if you can buy low because of the TD, but if you can this would be a great time


He had 5 receptions and a TD in his most difficult match-up of the season, and he went later than normal because of his injury risks in draft. He made it out healthy. Great PPR day (12 points .5 PPR)


You aren't buying this guy low right now. As an owner, I'm ecstatic.

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Was Keenan ever a realistic buy low candidate?  I drafted him with confidence, knowing that if he stays healthy, he will easily out produce his draft spot.  He was the 14th WR taken.  After Cooper, Gronk (I'm counting him as a WR because we don't use the TE position in my league) Baldwin, Hopkins, Hilton, Cooks.  I would wager that Allen will out score all of those WRs this year.


I would say most guys who drafted Keenan believe in his ability and situation.  Which means, barring an injury, owners aren't going to be parting with him anytime soon.  Even if he laid an egg this week, he shouldn't be a buy low IMO.  

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42 minutes ago, Larderland said:


what you saw today was his floor

he will beast this year once healthy


What do you mean "once healthy"?  Does he have an injury I don't know about?   Genuinely curious because I thought he was 100%?

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