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Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

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9 minutes ago, KennyWoo said:


Exactly, or in 14- or 16-team leagues you could easily have Mixon as your 2nd RB, especially if you drafted Doug Martin or lost David Johnson, Ware, or Woodhead, etc.


Normally ppl draft at least 3- 4 RBs on a team regardless of league size is what Im getting at. No WW adds? Cohen, K Williams, Jav Allen, Carson, Mack? There has to be other options.. bad drafting or inactive on WW? The majority of Mixon owners drafted him knowing he's not a starter yet. Especially after week 1 there had options on WW.. or he swung and missed in FAAB. I just can't see myself, ever, being in that position after week 1 unless as you suggested multiple RB injuries where Mixon had to be in my line up. 




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30 minutes ago, 10giz said:


The thing is this.


If you're the type of player who likes taking risky young RBs with upside, you need to make sure your team is built for it.


What does that mean? You want consistency wherever you can. Get Rodgers. Get Tucker. Get guys who are guaranteed big target shares.


This way, your teams floor is high enough to compete every week until one of your young guys becomes the starter, at which point you most likely have on of the best teams in the league.


People who don't do this will struggle to win every week and by the time Mixon starts, it won't matter. They'll be toast.


I've never heard of reaching for a kicker before as part of a RB strategy.  "RB heavy," "zero RB," and now "elite kicker + RB."  I must remember this for next year's draft.

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1 hour ago, PlayTheWaivers said:


Mixon needs to be on benches for a long as possible until this situation clears up. This is why you don't over draft individuals in situations that are clear as mud. We all know Mixon is the most talented on the team but there are many factors that go against him, such as a stubborn coach, other competent backs on the roster, and an offensive line that is trash. The Bengals looked like they're on track to have one of the worst offenses in the league.


Yeah because week 1 is the determining factor for the season.  Jacksonville is gonna dominate the AFC South, Baltimore will shutout every team, and New England is gonna be garbage.

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2 minutes ago, Curlis said:

Touches not targets typed that wrong. Thats good to hear though, sounds like the line played terrible again.

Line played great actually, Dalton was the teams downfall. He was hot trash tonight. Crowd booed him the entire night for how terrible he was.

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