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Marwin Gonzalez 2017 Outlook

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9 minutes ago, I was wrong on Kris Benson said:

Is it too early to talk next year? If you're in a league with keeper options, is this breakout for real? Like, for real, real? 


i think yes, although that one huge power burst that made everybody take notice of him back in may, when he hit like 10 homers in two weeks or whatever it was, was partially a product of pitchers being taken by surprise. but he's been rock solid consistent ever since then with average, OBP and solid power. and he's gotta be pretty secure for playing time at this point.


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15 minutes ago, Beakman said:

Dong and 4 RBI yesterday.


Benched today for JD Davis and Tyler White.


Yeah I don't understand that. I thought generally the rule was if you homered you basically start the next day.

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In Marwin, I see a guy with good- but not great- natural skills and athleticism. I don't think he can coast by on raw talent, so being fresh, in great shape, and super focused is essential. This point in the season, I bet his body is feeling a bit worn down, the spring training muscles have atrophied a lick, and general energy levels are probably lower. In other words, he's the precise kind of player who will fall off as the season drags on and on.


He's been a beast most of the year though, and the pos eligibility is nearly unrivaled-- so, even though I won't be keeping him-- it feels premature to cut him, especially since my replacement would be of the Brandon Moss variety (currently deploying Marwin as an OF in 5-OF league).

But I'm getting close to saying adios marwin 


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