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Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook


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21 minutes ago, vthokie3 said:

 not risking it personally this week. seems like a decent chance of him tweaking it again during the game. I'd love to be wrong though

He's not going to risk it because he is 100% healthy.


Do I know this from sources or anything else? No. However, it's fairly common sense. They don't necessarily need him this week. They really needed him last two weeks as they were playing good teams. They held him out for safety concerns. The reality is they are probably using the Browns as a punching bag to get him used to game action. He is 100% healthy or he wouldn't play because of last season. If last season injury didn't happen he would likely play the week right after (IMO) and fight it all year. However, he didn't and should return to normal.


Again, it's all speculation but at the same time seems quite common sense.

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1 hour ago, lvsaint429 said:

After hearing the London weather forecast I was concerned about that as well. I’m seriously thinking about not playing him because I can’t afford him reinjuring himself in the 1st quarter. This is gonna be a last-minute call for me


I already made the call to put Landry in for Diggs.  Didn't work out so well.  Matt Morre is terrible.


It feels like a 60/40 that he goes and if he goes I could see him on a snap count.  Just to get him in there and back up to speed, but most importantly to leave London healthy going into the bye.

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20 minutes ago, Cam4Future said:

It's so freakin stormy outa here in Europe, lots of wind and terrible rain.

Very hard decision of playing him. Even if he is healthy, catching balls today will be absolutely difficult.


Oh hell, do I really have to wake up at 6:15 am to check the weather in London and make a tough decision like this?  Only other options are Lockett and Tyrell Williams. 

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