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Alfred Morris 2017 Season Outlook

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14 hours ago, owenmills said:


What is this receiving ability everyone talks about. He's not a good receiving back, but they keep him in for 3 downs because he's such an exceptional runner. They won't do this for Alf though, because he's not as good.


While Zeke isn't used in volume like Bell, McCoy or even Hyde in the pass game, he looms large nevertheless because of his 10+ ypr.  This offense doesn't work the same with a 2 down RB.  


I own both Morris and Smith, so I want one of them to succeed, but as today proved, this offense has to evolve quickly if Dallas is to survive.   Just "plugging someone in for Zeke" is not what's going to happen in Zeke's absence.


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3 hours ago, No1Statistican said:

Morris looks like an RB2 in standard that just didn't get carries due to gameflow



the final line is deceiving, he and the rest of the running game looked really bad in that game.  his production came on 2 big chunk plays in the second half down 10 and it looked like the defense was setup for a pass if memory serves.  him and smith are firmly planted on the bench till they show something on the field.  couldn't shake the thought that the rbs were leaving yards on the field every time they touched the ball.  several times where he met contact and just stopped

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As someone else pointed out, 5+ ypc isn't bad, considering the Cowboys got dominated. A couple of good signs I noticed were that they kept Morris on the field for many 2nd/3rd and long long situations, especially before the game became a total blowout. Rod Smith looked worse than Morris on passing downs, even missing an important block, causing Dak to get sacked. Smith also failed to catch a dumpoff pass cleanly, and the bobble caused him to get tackled by the first guy. Lastly, DMC seems to pose zero threat to either of them in terms of taking over early or passing down work.


Basically I think the coaches will come away from this game thinking they were right all along that Morris is the best option of their JAG Zeke replacements.

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42 minutes ago, jasonresno said:

AlMo is the runner, Smith is the pass catcher. DMC is the pipedream. In close games, Morris is playable. Think of Gilly/James White for New England.


well considering Gilly is a healthy scratch now, probably not a good thing to compare to. 

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6 minutes ago, Conscious Pilot said:

Morris is better when he can get in a rhythm. Cowboys shooting themselves in the foot by playing musical RBs


they gave him a chance to get into a rhythm. he had the first 2 series all to himself, and 5 of the first 9 plays were running plays.  plus he seemed fine with his limited looks to spell Zeke earlier in the year, which is about as cold as an rb can be.  so it isn't a rhythm problem.  the offensive line did not play well, and Morris was just unable to create anything on his own.  this is shaping more to be a situation to avoid if T Smith is out for a long duration.  the appeal of DAL running backs outside of Zeke isn't that they are other worldly talented.  it's that the oline was great.  it was pretty apparent in this game that they really miss T Smith. 

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yeah. as JAG as the Cowboys' replacements for Zeke are, their left tackle replacements are 100 times worse. But Dak is the guy who was really hurt by it. It actually only hurt Morris indirectly since it caused the game to become a blowout.

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10 minutes ago, Pooskay said:

not excited about Alf in this one. PHI is tough vs. the run, and DAL could be playing from behind in this one.


Neither am I. If Smith comes back, he might be worth a shot. Otherwise, might have to sit him.

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On 11/12/2017 at 5:44 PM, Lord_Varys said:


They had to.


Vs Philadelphia next week it might not be any better, either. They eat running backs alive. 


Philly numbers against the run are truly ridiculous:




This week looks to be a total loss for Morris, DMC or (even) Smith owners.


As a Zeke owner, I'm tempted to end the "whack-a-mole" Zeke replacement search and, instead, roster other emerging RB2/flex candidates.  By the time Dallas finds a solution to its Zeke-less run game, Zeke will be poised to come off suspension.  In the meantime, those of us who remain addicted to scratching our Zeke itch will miss the boat on a potential late season RB2 or even league winner like (perhaps) Drake, Stewart, a post-Gordon injury Ekeler,  or a post-Hyde injury Breida. 


In one league, I have already managed to acquire Drake and Murray, and Sheppard at WR, following this strategy.  My roster is way better now than it would have been with Morris, DMC and/or Smith occupying some or all of those roster positions, particularly with Zeke already occupying a valuable spot.      

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14 minutes ago, CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast said:

smith isnt a bad play this week at all ... he will be catching many o' dumpoffs ... i dont even know why mcfadden's name is still mentioned 



because no one has established themselves yet, so all 3 will be in the mix for at least 1 more week. 

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I like Morris. Ran well especially in the 3rd quarter. But this game has too many things going against him. Smith is still questionable. Sean Lee is injured. Philly has an excellent run defense. Dallas should be playing from behind. 


On a side note: If the CS believes Morris is such a liability in the passing game that it negatively affects their offense so much, why not put Smith and McFadden at the top of the depth chart with Morris as the 3rd stringer? I don't get it. Maybe Cowboy fans can chime in.

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