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Logan Morrison 2017 Outlook

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Sell High with that 260. ba he currently has, he should hover around 240-250 all year long and hit 40 bombs if he stays healthy, I I got enough bombers on my team that I don't need him, selling him and archer for Matt Carp and Marcus Stroman, Carp has been rebounding ever since getting tossed back into the only lineup spot he knows where to hit (leadoff) and Stroman has finally shown the consistency everyone was waiting for to make him a top 20 SP.


I LOVE Archer but when he throws only 2 pitches, both being electric which has been the only reason keeping him afloat in the viability department, he becomes largely predictable, his velo on that fastball allows him to make more mistakes than a lot of pitchers but it only takes one well placed swing and a couple walks to destroy his line.


 Once he creates another secondary pitch or uses his changeup more frequently, watch out, or even being traded to the NL. Loads of talent and Scherzer esque upside, unpredictability is all he needs to get there. Until then, enjoy the frustrating starts where he looks beautiful through 5  and gives up 2-4 runs via the long ball or of the extra base hit variety.

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12 minutes ago, HaloFanatic17 said:

So has he turned back into a pumpkin? The power is nice but he's slumping bad. Now with Duda on the team will they have more splits? Are people dropping at all in 12 teamers?


 He has a .870 OPS this month...

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10 hours ago, Low and Away said:

Depends on league, format, number of keepers, and other options

Risk of being a one hit wonder is there, plus his 2nd half of 2017 regression also. Another unknown is which team he joins next year since he'll be free agent next month. I'll drop him in my 16 team dynasty since I have other options I like more.

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