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Chis Taylor 2017 Outlook


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3 hours ago, Dirtywater97 said:

400+ BABIP and 26% K rate I'd be trying to sell this guy high. 


In this day and age of fantasy sports there are very few leagues you can sell high on a guy like this.  Not guys who have all of a sudden taken a dramatic jump out of nowhere.  Years ago you could get away with that but now managers are a little wiser.  Taylor needs to pretty much do this all year to bump his value you up for next year.  For now you can try and deal him away but probably better just to ride him and move on when/if it's over...

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42 minutes ago, 2ndCitySox said:

I wish The Chizz was ss-eligible in my CBS league. Do you guys think he will just play OF next year for the Bums? Chis has been great but being 2b or 3b or SS eligible next year would make him a lot more worthwhile. 


According to my CBS league, he'll be eligible for 2B and OF as of now with 8 at 3B and 4 at SS.


He may have a shot at 3B, assuming your league has the eligibility at 10 games.

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I've called him a Jose Ramirez light, but at this point I almost value him a little more given he was a WW add.  A more potent offense, similar positional eligibility, and not a big enough discrepancy in stats to make me think JoRam is THAT much better.

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