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Wilmer Flores 2017 Outlook

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The man without a position to call his own and being used in the always-frustrating 'super utility' role, Flores has been on fire lately.  Eligible at all infield positions in most leagues, Wilmer has gone 2-for-4 in three straight games and is 12-for-26 (.462) with a homer and three doubles over the last eight.  


He's actually been quietly solid all season and is up to a .307/.330/.466 line for the year, albeit on just 88 AB's.  Getting to start much more the past 2-3 weeks or so, could be just an injury or continued hot bat to make him a useful fantasy option with ridiculous position flexibility.  I mean, it's not like Jose Reyes, Matt Reynolds, TJ Rivera and Duda are doing a whole heck of a lot themselves to block him - anything to see here as a possible post-hype sleeper type?  


Seems like he's been around forever and I'm sure many have written him off as a AAAA player but he still just 25 years old....16 HR's the past two seasons in part-time roles, really seems like potential may be there to do more if he can earn or luck into consistent playing time.  Or am I just seeing what I want to see because I suddenly see him filling up stat sheets from the last spot on my bench?

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In deeper leagues Wilmer would be a decent add. He hits lefties as well as anyone in baseball (had about 1 HR:11 ABs against them last year if I remember correctly), and hits cleanup when the Mets face one. To have a guy that is eligible at every infield position that you could plug in on Monday/Thursday off-days, and start every time faces a lefty, feels like a valuable guy to have on the end of a bench

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Always a player I have been very big on, I thought he would have really established himself by this point in his career.



last I noticed he was hitting about a buck 88 and battling some nagging injuries.... fast forward a month and now this....




is it finally time?

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1 hour ago, StevieStats said:

So any Mets fans out there, what's his playing time situation/outlook?




Looks like he's locked up everyday playing time at third base. Only complication moving forward is when they call Rosario up, they'll have 4 players (Cabrera, Reyes, Rosario, Flores) for two spots. Injuries have a way of working these things out though and Cabrera, Reyes, Walker are all old and injury prone. Can even move to first if Duda gets hurt. As long as he keeps raking I think he'll play everyday and he'll always be in the lineup when facing a lefty. 

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