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Demaryius Thomas 2017 Outlook

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1 minute ago, lolcopter said:

Bench until further notice. Complete garbage offense

Siemien is such a bum. Most years he'd be locked into my lineup because he's a stud, but I've seen enough. I'd rather take my chances with Funchess until they get a new quarterback.

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1 minute ago, Woonga24 said:

Was his bad game mainly because of QB play? or was he still hobbled?

Semien was getting destroyed by pass rush every play. There was no time for routes to develop. Towards the end of the game, semien was so terrified that he would immediately check down(pressured or not).

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These threads are funny.


It's like nobody watches the games.


See...there's this guy named C. Heyward. He's like...real good. Shutdown corner.


E. Sanders being out doesn't help. 


LAC are excellent against the pass.


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1 hour ago, Most Guruist said:

Good week to scoop this kid up if you are a believer.  Coming off a bad game and going into a good matchup.

I hope this is ok to ask here, but would it be fair value to trade Alvin Kamara for him? I also think that it is a perfect buy-low opportunity for him but Sieman worries me.

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I don't watch the Broncos but I don't understand what changed and they went from a playoff contender to getting shut out by the freaking Chargers. Injuries? Anyway I just got offered Demaryius and Alvin Kamara for AJ Green and I'm trying to see if there is any value here ROS.  I thought Semian was a serviceable qb...

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