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2017 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

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11 hours ago, smeeze said:


A trade which was widely regarded as a massive overpay, but they won the WS so the point is moot.  


They won the World Series.  Whatever it cost them was worth it.


As for the Wilson and JD hypothetical for Robles...I think the Nats would say no.  Now JD, Wilson, and Verlander with Detroit kicking in cash too?  Maybe.


Edit.   Nevermind, just saw that he's now a Dback.

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6 minutes ago, MrMartyBarrett said:

Rumors of Frazier and Robertson to Boston.


Devers and Chavis still in lineups for Sox MILB


If they gave up Devers to get Frazier I would hope the citizens of Boston would have the common sense to riot. 

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Why would the Sox have to give up anything for Frazier? Arizona got JD Martinez for a bag of balls so the market has been set

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9 minutes ago, chud12 said:

O god. Please don't tell me the Yanks are giving up good young talent. Please no. 

As a Red Sox fan that didn't want any more of our prospects thrown away for yet a second vet sluggard at 3B (Panda 2.0) I hope it is true and the Yankees way overpaid for Frazier.  The Devers thread has been full of Sox fans that do NOT want an overweight and under-performing 3B rental for a month or two like him costing the farm system even more.  If we wanted that we'd be begging to pick up Panda again.  Bring up Lin again, that is what is needed until Devers is ready.

And no your twitter feed was totally wrong.  Sox wouldn't trade Devers for a 3B rental no matter what.  Even Dealin' Dave wouldn't dream of doing something that stupid in a trade.  Besides the fans would burn down Fenway Park before they would allow that kind of trade to go through.

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13 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

I hope this is not happening <<<<<<<<<<  from a New York Yankee fan


The Yankees don't have a starting staff to make any World Series push

Best part is Robertson & Kahnle both former Yankees they're paying to get back. But yeah, need SP. 

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