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2 hours ago, Ecofolux said:

If Tucker struggles for another week or two, perhaps they send him down and call up Alvarez?

The problem is, it's not like Alvarez has crushed AAA pitching yet.  Everything seems to be there so far except for the average, but his average is still only .237.  Still, if he gets hot and Tucker continues to struggle mightily, maybe.  I wouldn't say it's extremely likely yet though.

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Statistically they are closer than people would like to admit but here are a few reasons why i'm more excited: Age relative to their opponents (21 vs 26), speed of advancement through the minors

Law is such a tool.  No one cares that he didn't have Alvarez in his top 100 prospects.  But, sitting there now, claiming he wouldn't add him, is pure cow dookie.  You made a mistake, Keith.  You miss

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From the article:


We’ve drawn two lines here on the fly ball distance axis, one at 106 and one at 112. The 112 line is significant in that batters who had an average age of 23 or under and posted a 112 FB Dist+ or greater have been very successful in the majors. If you aren’t all in on Yordan Alvarez yet, get excited now. He generates Joey Gallo type power, with significantly less swing and miss; Alvarez is 23 percent better than his peers, while Gallo was about 100 percent worse than his. He may be more of a fantasy baseball asset than a real-life WAR generator due to his defensive shortcomings, but when he arrives he should hit for average and plenty of power.





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46 minutes ago, Bips_braves said:

If you don't have a defensive position, Keith usually downgrades players significantly.


Notice that.  He doesn't even have Carter Kieboom in the top 100. WTF? 

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Worst part about Keith not including Yordan was that he ranked him like 40 last year and had very little explanation why he didnt make it this year.  He hit very well last year too so and acknowledged in his 2018 write up he was probably 1b.  Pretty bizarre stuff.


Chris: Didn’t find Yordan Alvarez any of your lists. What’s your thoughts on him? Too risky of a hitting profile given he’s not a great defender?
Keith Law: See above. “Not a great defender” is kind. Might be a DH. Not an elite hitter, either.

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Is he likely to be called up this year? He already spent about half the year last year in AAA, so I would think he's got to be getting close development wise. I guess it's just a matter of where he's going to play? He's listed as an OF but not sure how his defense is. Then again I've noticed Houston has sometimes had Tony Kemp at DH batting 9th, so I'd imagine he'd be an upgrade at DH if nothing else. 

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Not that this means anything, but I did read Hinch was very impressed with his glove and OF work during spring training. Again, prob means nothing but it’s at least good to know that he might/could fill in if need be. Or at least that there’s a chance. 

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