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3 minutes ago, boltup15 said:


Someone else who is bad at fantasy ;) 

I will break down the pick for you

he same logic I used for Odell applies to Hopkins.  He was not the highest ranked player on my board, but he plays the position I know I needed to come away with in the 2nd round.  We always tell people not to lock onto doing <pos> <pos> in the first rounds, and while it's an easy rule of thumb for the casual players, I actually don't really agree with it from a strategic point of view.  If you read the last post, this is just a simple breakdown and realization of what's most likely to happen for the next 6-8 rounds, and which players will or won't realistically be available for me to pick at my draft position.  It's very simple for me to see and understand, if I didn't come out of the first 2 rounds with 2 WRs, I was going to hate my WR core, and severely lack in depth and confidence in that position.


Hopkins may be a slight reach to some at 25th overall, but ultimately he was never going to make it back to me in round 3, so it's now or never.  He was the highest ranked WR on my board, and I have no issue paying this price for him, even if not optimal.  If a player won't be available at your next pick, you shouldn't ever concern yourself with making sure you get them.  By week 1, no one cares what round you drafted someone or what price you paid to get them, all that matters are the points they score for your team.


In regards to Hopkins himself, I can just copy/paste really...you get the point




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1 minute ago, predator_05 said:


This was the other guy i considered.


Love the player but i can't predict his usage with any certainty.


I can't imagine Belichick giving up a first and a third without a good plan for the guy.

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