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Andy Dalton 2017 Season Outlook

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6 minutes ago, fujishig said:

It's taking everything in me not to just drop him outright right now. 


Turns out out I should have started Andrew Luck this week, who knew?

Def drop him. Guy will lead the league in most sacks taken. It's not necessarily going to get worse, but it aint getting better. He has to go up against Houston's d-line next week. So 5+ sacks with 4 swatted passes 

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1 hour ago, Chippa said:

This is what happens when an already horrible offensive line losses its 2 best linemen and doesn't improve in the draft or offseason

Cut my losses and dumped his stock. Mike Glennon was available and he appears to be much more fun to follow.

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Five sacks, four interceptions and a fumble, it doesn't get any better for a defense. Granted he didn't throw a pick six but he also threw two interceptions in the end zone, allowing the only shut out of the day (even the 49ers got a field goal). 

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4 minutes ago, seanismorris said:

That might have been Dalton's worst game ever.  He's my backup QB and I'm concerned.


I'll give him another week.  Right now every QB in the league looks better, except maybe the Jets QB.


That can't be right...


Fantasy wise McCown at least got a TD, though I doubt he starts next week. In my league I think it was like McCown 10 points, Dalton -3

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