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Marvin Jones 2017 Outlook

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3 hours ago, joshua18 said:


Both of Jones other 100 yard receiving games came with Golladay out; his worst game of the season was Golliday's first game back. Facts are facts. 


 Another fact is things change all the time. Those that don't adapt can cease to exist. Natural selection or survival of the fittest. True in nature, true in the NFL !


Fact is McCourty locked up with Marvin and Stafford had much better options everywhere else vs Cleveland. Nothing to do with the few snaps Golladay played but you keep convincing yourself somehow that KG casts the magical spell to limit Jones potential. Are you sure it wasn't T.J. Lang being out causing Jones worst game ?:rolleyes:

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46 minutes ago, Fiveohnine said:

So what reason are people cooking up to sit him for this week?


Last week he was a top 10 WR. Now he's top 5.

I picked up Jones a few weeks ago, having traded Tate away. Then did a package deal that included getting Tate back. Now every week I'm debating which to start, usually picking wrong, and the one time I started both (vs CLE) Tate did great and Jones got locked down. Now at BAL this week, in a if-I-win-make-playoffs-lose-don't-make-playoffs matchup, don't know what to do. That said, it's only a question because I luckily have three nice RB options.


Getting out of CSB mode, this week I'd put both Jones and Tate in the WR20 range, basically guessing that one finishes slightly higher and one a good bit lower, but don't know which will be which.

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20 hours ago, Members_Only_76 said:

Just seems like whenever I start him he gives me one of those 2-29-0 games, I bench him and he goes ballistic. But can't sit him at this point!


The above statement doesn't quite compute:  Since week 4 in PPR Marvin has gone: 11.4pts, 21.6pts, BYE, 18.8pts, 29.7pts, 3.2pts, 18.5pts, and 28.9pts.


Not quite sure what was holding you back, as within those 6 weeks there was only 1 ~4pt clunker...no up and down trend at all.


Start 'em up!

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41 minutes ago, krest509 said:

yall wouldn't start him over diggs ROS tho?<_<

I would. Jones has been on absolute fire recently. He's not going to keep up this pace, but he should be solid ROS. Although you must have some good flex players to consider benching one of these guys.

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Man this guys been a BEAST lately ... but raven still are top 3 against WR in fantasy this year... ranked 23rd WR this week on most fantasy sites, but he’s averaging 10+ points last 6 weeks 


would you play jones over say a guy like Jarvis Landry this week where’s his projections this week 

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As always, take my advice with a grain of salt (and two grains of wisdom) . This is coming from a guy who sat him because of his history vs Xavier Rhodes.


Not liking the Lions prospects for a high scoring game. Ravens will run the ball 50 times if possible. Combine that with their stout defense and I don't see a high volume of plays. Not sure what I expect to be the game plan to attack the Ravens D . I would guess it would be more of a Golden Tate day with quick strikes to avoid pass rush. 

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This guy continues to be underrated by the general fantasy community. 


He's now had 85 or more yards in 6 of his last 7 games. 


48/821/8 on the season, on pace for roughly 64/1094/11.


He averaged less than 3/37 over the first 5 games of the season, and is averaging roughly 5/91 in the 7 games since. 

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