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2017 Completed Trades Thread

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Recent trades in our league (20-teamer, and QBs at a serious premium right now):


1. LeSean McCoy & Jarvis Landry for Le'Veon Bell

2. Duke Johnson for Ben Roethlisberger

3. Marcus Mariota & Mike Williams (LAC) for Trevor Siemian & Desean Jackson

4. AJ Green for Jordy Nelson (???)

5. Joe Flacco for Demaryius Thomas (???????????)


That last one we think is a pity trade - the guy getting DT has had an utter disaster of a season.

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A recent trade I made: 


(10team standard league)


I sent off:



Alex Smith


I got:

Brandin Cooks

Adrian Peterson

Derek Carr


I'm going to drop Carr as I have Deshuan and Cousins already. Do you think I've made a good trade?

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19 hours ago, Onyx said:

Just traded James White/Tarik Cohen for Amari Cooper...gulp. Let's hope Cooper finds his stride tonight, otherwise my season may continue to go downhill. 



14 hours ago, hangin n wangin said:

I just traded Amari Cooper for Alshon Jeffrey and Buck Allen? What do you guys think?


If Cooper starts going off, I'm going to be sick.

Not nice!

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Curious about Keeper league trades that have been completed?  My co-commish and I keep having the discussion that our settings produce very little keepers.  We have Auction-keeper, $200 cap guys go up 1.5 times year before but can only be kept twice so like Y1 is draft, Y2 is 1.5 that value and then final year 1.5 times that value.  


Todd Gurley, who on team that got decimated by injuries, was traded for IR Dalvin Cook, who can be kept at $12 next year.  He emailed whole league and literally that was the best offer he got, which speaks to not enough keepers.  I think we need smaller benches because it seems that overall teams are never having to give up guys helping their team now to win. 


Curious about some completed keeper deals out there and your roster/lineup settings...



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Just traded Watson for T. Hill straight up. It was hard to part with Watson considering he's been a fantasy monster lately, but with Alson's AND Cobb's lackluster performance this season, my WR core needed help (basically rolling with Baldwin as my only performing WR). I have Carr on my bench so hopefully he'll carry my team. I'm 6-1 and barely picked up Watson on the WW 2 weeks ago so it was a buy low sell high situation.

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Im 6-1 in12 team standard 

just traded d.henry for M.Thomas

Shortly after made trade d.funchess, 2018 5th round draft pick for C.Thompson and Golden Tate.


my team is















Bench-Ravens DST

IR - C.Clay


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I'm in a 12 team league..  Its not PPR


We had these 2 trades being complained about being unfair


Kupp and Duke Johnson Jr for Baldwin


Austin Sefrian Jenkins for Carr


The team that is trading away Carr for Jennings  has Watson and he needs a TE

The team that is trading Baldwin  for kupp and duke Johnson jr could use a RB at flex

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