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2017 Completed Trades Thread

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On 2018-06-21 at 7:52 AM, pagkerguy8 said:

if you play at yahoo here's the junk they allow teams to get away with.......contacted support their response was "you can veto a trade"...........as if playing since 2003 i didnt know that



ScreenHunter_325 Jun. 21 05.30.jpg

That’s not Yahoo’s problem, that’s your league/commissioner’s problem. The issue should be brought to their attention. 

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6 hours ago, Idoolittle said:

That’s not Yahoo’s problem, that’s your league/commissioner’s problem. The issue should be brought to their attention. 

I'm pretty sure yahoo is the comish of the leagues unless it's custom 

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In a 12-team standard snake draft, I have the 2nd pick of the draft. I'm considering trading back with my league-mate who has the 11th pick. If I opt for his early 2nd rounder (14th), I'll pick up his early 4th rounder. The app won't let anyone draft an additional player beyond the roster limit, so I throw in my 15th round pick. What do you guys think, too generous, good deal, which? e;

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52 minutes ago, Fantasy Football TradeMach said:

 Hi there!

I hate shameless self promotion, but with my brother we made this App thinking about people like us (those who love fantasy football).

We spent the last few months working on Fantasy Football TradeMachine, the first App that will rate your fantasy football trades. The App is easy to use: select your League scoring format, select the players involved in the trade (you can choose all players, included Draft Picks) and the APP will tell you if the trade is AWFUL, BAD, EQUAL, GOOD or AWESOME for your team. You can try ALL the trades that you want.

The value of the trade is determined by an algorithm, updated every single week.

The download is cheap, less than $2 (a starbucks coffee). Why this price?

1. Unfortunately development and server cost tons of money, and we’re normal people working 9-5

2. We could’ve made an elite thing, with some rankings and making money by subscription per month maybe 10 dollar per month (like many do), but we don’t care about making cash, but doing something cool to reach as many people as possible.
And all of you can afford something that cost less than a Starbucks coffee

Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas or feedback, it’d be much appreciated!!

 We want to build and improve something useful and nice for you. Please join our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fantasyfootballtrademachine/

DOWNLOAD IOS: https://apple.co/2uLnKxo

DOWNLOAD ANDROID: https://bit.ly/2LuJNQ7

Thank you!

I don't see the trade here

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17 minutes ago, Fantasy Football TradeMach said:

Do you need Help?


I believe he is pointing out that you posted an add in a thread, with no content that relates to said thread, "2017 Completed Trades Thread."


Also, if a trade has been completed (hence this thread), what purpose does the app have here...?


Your post belongs in it's own thread offering trade advice to those who seek it, not those who have completed trades. *just below/under this particular thread in this same, "Assistant Coach Help Forum."


ps: I took a brief look at your app, and it doesn't appear to involve IDPs?  That's a very large contingent of team owners you are leaving out of your $ stream.

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2 minutes ago, Fantasy Football TradeMach said:

It's something nice that I want to share with as money people as possible, trying to help in getting the best trade result possible.



..."with as money people"...  *maybe a little Freudian slip there ;)


Right on, about the IDPs B)


ps: you should just go ahead and post your own thread in this Forum. The above posts may be deleted as mods clean-up...

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