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I have a dispersal draft with 4 orphan teams for my 14-team PPR, No IDP dynasty, 2017 is paid but $50 for 2018 is due. This is to help reduce dropouts. The dispersal draft will involve the following teams and 2017 picks.

Team Rosters and picks entering disperal draft:
Team A: 
Team B: http://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2017/options?L=17629&O=07&F=0007
Team C: http://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2017/options?L=17629&O=07&F=0008
Team D: http://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2017/options?L=17629&O=07&F=0013
2017 draft picks available : 1.01 (1), 1.05 (5), 1.06 (6), 1.09 (9), 2.01 (15), 2.04 (18), 2.05 (19), 2.06 (20), 2.09 (23), 3.01 (29), 3.05 (33), 3.06 (34), 4.01 (43), 4.05 (47), 4.06 (48)

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If you have always wanted to be in a league that recreated a real NFL GM experience, then this is the league for you!!!   (32 teams, NFL Themed, IDP, Rookie Draft, Auction Free Agency, Salaries, Contract Lengths, Franchise Tags... A real dynasty experience!) If you would like to be in this inaugural league, the annual fee is $60 and payouts for league winner ($1000), runner-up ($200), and division winners ($50). FRANCHISES AVAILABLE ON A FIRST COME BASIS!  Pick your favorite team now before it is gone!!!

If you ever wanted to be a real NFL GM, this is as close as it gets!!! Send me an invite if you would like to join!


Dedicated, knowledgeable, long term-owners needed!



Only 4 Teams left!  Seahawks, Broncos, Buccaneers, Giants

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