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Andrew Wiggins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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9 minutes ago, The Unknown said:

It's the slow pace ball Thibs employs....Hes not a spot up shooter so IDK why they decided to go with him and part with Lavine if they were running that slow ball offense....He's needs to be running up and down n creating his own shot to be any good 

this is not an excuse though to underwhelm almost every game in all other cats. And he has led his team many games in FGA, but with very poor efficiency. This guy is just ugly to watch.

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I agree but I feel as if he was on the move offensively he could get you the 2-3 assists and a couple of cheap rebounds. He's never going to be a spot shooter than will just stand and shoot so those attempts are stupid. Thibs really trying to create Bulls 2.0....It annoys the crap out of me. I have Towns too and I pisses me off that he could be way more if Thibs sped up a bit. 

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He put on an offensive clinic last night and it was really fun to watch him play so aggressively and confidently. Clearly he's doing this because Butler is out but I think a few things to note:


1. If Butler is out Wiggins is a must start in leagues and must play in DFS

2. He would be having a killer year in the scoring department if Butler wasn't on this team

3. They need to find a way to get him involved in the offense with Butler on the floor


The annoying thing? Towns played terrible, so it doesn't seem like these 3 can all have good games on the same night. Wiggins will go back to being an annoying own when Butler is back but we can enjoy the short ride.

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