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Kyle Kuzma 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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7 hours ago, Veezy said:

I'm going to throw the name T.J. Warren out there for a couple reasons.  Kuzma reminds me of Warren some with the way he plays and also because that's the sort of fantasy line I realistically envision as his ceiling, give or take a little in a couple categories.


TJ Warren is not his ceiling LOLs.

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Down goes the hype train

Ahhh, we're getting closer to Anthony Randolph fever now.   That's more like it.   "Ceiling is Magic, floor is prime Anthony Mason."

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Kuzma's rise has been crazy. He was very up and down in college, couldn't take over a game because his shooting was really inconsistent. Didn't do very much on the defensive end. He is a talented offensive talent and should get a chance to score on a bad lakers team but I have my doubts about his shooting.

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Uh oh, Kuzma might start the first two games in place of Caldwell-Pope according to a recent blurb on here.  Will the Kumza-mania start again now? :)


I held on to him on my bench, so hopefully Walton actually goes through with it.  He should get a boost in minutes with Caldwell-Pope anyways, but still, he could get 30+ minutes if he starts.

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29 minutes ago, cdd10 said:

Deng was scrimmaging with the first team today, not Kuzma


This makees sense because teams will sometimes start scrubs so that their rotation will keep its continuity and key bench guys will not disrupt their rhythm coming off the bench.  Which explains why Deng might start instead of Clarkson or Kuzma.

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18 minutes ago, BigBucks33 said:

Man, I just do not know what to do with this kid now..I cut him and he has cleared waivers..,but I do not know if it is worth dropping Rondae Hollis Jefferson, for Kuzma or Johnathan Simmons.. #KuzmaTrainDilemmas

I wouldn't even though I have Kuzma (I also have RHJ).  Obviously even RHJ isn't a sure thing, but I still think he's the safer one of the group to provide solid value all season.

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