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Kyle Kuzma 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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3 minutes ago, KilloWertz said:

I wouldn't even though I have Kuzma (I also have RHJ).  Obviously even RHJ isn't a sure thing, but I still think he's the safer one of the group to provide solid value all season.

My hope right now is RHJ takes off how he was projected to take off last season...but I am paying very close attention to Kuzma (even though I am least confident of him of the three) and J.Simmons ( I think he is a big time sleeper this year) closely. 

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Down goes the hype train

Ahhh, we're getting closer to Anthony Randolph fever now.   That's more like it.   "Ceiling is Magic, floor is prime Anthony Mason."

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4 minutes ago, LosingEffort said:

Drop city as I always said 

Next future: Larry Nance will play 30 minutes every night because of his defense and Randle playing time will increase when He full full recovers from injury 

So Kuzma is just GLeague material like I always said 


He barely even came on the court. Just stop. 

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3 hours ago, atlantadynasty said:

Eh, good thing I didn't buy in all the hype. Some of you fell in the pre season trap. Not saying the guy isn't good, but doubt minutes will be there. Could be very inconsistent

I hate every kind of hype based on Summer league or preseason 

Kuzma's got a fantasy friendly kind of play, He can score in a Lot of ways.. But it's not enough 

He is no good in defense, he can't guard PF because a lack of athleticism, he can't guard SF so coach won't give him playing time in regular season 

Same for Caleb Swanigan  (another superhyped rookie)


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