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Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

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I feel like the last sentence is the only thing that belongs in this thread. Everything else is a combination of "Cool Story Bro" and "Vent and Rant". Good work though.

this dude should easily be ROY, he is so much better then Simmons its not even funny. Simmons has empty stats and folds in the 4th quarter since he cant shoot while Mitchell literally puts his team on

That athleticism is off the charts, what a pure natural talent.. scary. He's got the entire package really (aside from posting up due to his height). He sort of reminds me of a hybrid between CJ Mccol

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1 minute ago, stevenzhang said:

If I was punting FG%, he would have been on my team. Beast.

I have him on my team regardless.  Not to take anything away from tonight (minus the free throw shooting for no reason) as obviously he's been great, but if only he could do this even remotely consistently.  I actually wasn't going to play him tonight because of how inconsistent he is with FG%, but I did after it was announced Wall will be out for 2 weeks.  Obviously that worked out well for tonight at least.

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What I said last night about his consistency still applies, but after watching that highlight video this morning, that was some impressive stuff.  Most of those three pointers couldn't have been any more perfect, as the net barely even moved on several of them.


He's obviously going to have solid value this season, but next season could be scary if his shot matures even a little.

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On 11/26/2017 at 7:40 AM, Dogtooth said:

sad that i drafted him then drop him after 5-6 games . . :( i want him now.lol 

Spot on, bro! I didn't know anyone else drafted him and dropped him in the exact same fashion I did. His FG% was trash and I couldn't take it anymore...so I stuck with Justin Holiday (awkward chuckle). Wish I had him back tho.

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