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Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

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46 minutes ago, Jake the snake said:


Whoa...there, whoa there...reign it in.


I don't say he is a generational talent. I'm saying the term generational talent is used WAY too much. IMO there are maybe two "generational" players in the league. LeBron and Curry. LeBron being almost in the argument of best ever with MJ and Curry having completely changed the game and being the greatest shooter EVER. Its not fair to any of these guys, least of all Simmons, to throw him into the "generational" talent statement. I mean he can't even shoot. I would be absolutely shocked if he was a better career player than LeBron. He is an awesome player already. But LeBron is one of the two best players to ever play the game...Let's keep the hyperbole in check a little eh?


And like I said I don't think Donavon will beat him for ROY, but he is the 2nd best rookie right now by a clear way so he has the best shot at doing so...which is very different to saying he will beat Simmons...


Fine, i get your point. 

So, i'll take this "generational talent" definition out of the equation and say that to me Ben has a real chance to be one of the best ever, if stars align for him and everything pans out the way i envision. Of course, Lebron is Lebron, we can't make a comparison at this point. Ben is very raw, but i see glimpses of greatness in him, which leads me to believe he'll be great. At this stage of the career, though, that's just speculation.


About Donovan, i don't know why you feel like i tried to distort your point: i totally agree with you, he's definitely the best 2nd rookie out there and he's the only one in the position to challenge Ben. 

See, English is not my first language, i'm Italian, so sometimes i might have issues expressing complex opinions in English. I apologize if i didn't make myself clear enough :)

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13 hours ago, affliction said:

His shot looks so effortless some of his jumpers are literally nothing but the net like the shot at 33 secs in the highlight clip


He looks amazing running pg

Yeah, some of his shots are pretty much perfect.  I know I said this after his last 24 point game, but the same applies here after watching the highlights.  Some of his shots are so good the net barely moves, and like you said, they don't even touch the rim.

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I was just thinking earlier before the game (since I also have Cousins) that Mitchell and Cousins might not interact much during the game since Cousins rarely comes out to defend, and now Mitchell drives right past him in the paint and gets fouled.

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I don't even own this guy but I'm watching the Pels Jazz game and good god this kid is NASTY. This is a superstar in the making right here. He's so damn smooth!


Good for you whoever gave him a chance. I'm gonna try and pry him off his owner in the meantime...

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