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Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

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I know that it all counts the same, but his pure nylon net splashes are so damn satisfying. The arc on his shot is pretty high arcing which is why that happens as opposed to a flatter (yet equally effective) arc like Ingles who gets a lot of those back of the rim and straight down.



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Takes chances and have him in all my 3 leagues. Can't believe production like this from a rookie.


At the moment, capture from ESPN:


Last 5 Games MIN:32.2 FG:8.8/17.0 51.8% 3PT:4.2/8.8 47.7% FT:4.0/4.6 87.0% REB:2.2 AST:3.6 BLK:0.0 STL:1.4 PF:2.8 TO:2.6 PTS:25.8


The most spectacular part is you can see his improvement every game, shot selections, court vision, passing, pace control.

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took some bad decision down the stretch, but that's what you would expect from a rookie with the ball in his hands going against 3 all stars.. great learning experience though

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