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Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

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I feel like the last sentence is the only thing that belongs in this thread. Everything else is a combination of "Cool Story Bro" and "Vent and Rant". Good work though.

this dude should easily be ROY, he is so much better then Simmons its not even funny. Simmons has empty stats and folds in the 4th quarter since he cant shoot while Mitchell literally puts his team on

That athleticism is off the charts, what a pure natural talent.. scary. He's got the entire package really (aside from posting up due to his height). He sort of reminds me of a hybrid between CJ Mccol

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4 minutes ago, THE_MAGIC_MAN said:

Will Mitchells rookie season be better than tyrekes 20 5 5?


If you're wondering if he'll hit the coveted 20-5-5, the answer is probably no. Mitchell doesn't rebound and has too many passers on his team to rack up a ton of asts usually. End of the day though, he'll have a  monstrous rookie season considering he's a high steals dude and scoring machine.

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18 minutes ago, THE_MAGIC_MAN said:

Will Mitchells rookie season be better than tyrekes 20 5 5?

Depends what you mean by better because Mitchell has more scoring ability due to better shot/range and he is an outstanding ft shooter. He's not gonna hit 5 boards though and the assists prob won't be higher than 4. FWIW, Evans was ranked 71st in 9-cat his rookie season. 

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2 minutes ago, driss lol said:

Mitchell only racks up the assists when Rubio is out

Based on what? I've watched quite a few Jazz games...he is never going to be a high assists guy but to say he only gets them when Rubio is off the floor is false. When on the floor together Mitchell typically has the ball in hands more. He is obviously a scorer first, but the game before when he had 9 assists quite a few were because Rubio was making shots.

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