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Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

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3 minutes ago, FantasyEmpire said:

The moment you saw a rookie made ONLY a 13 points and 6 assists, 3 rebounds and a steal and think "what was wrong with you today" ?? :-)

Lol, yeah.  Not a bad line actually considering how poorly the Jazz played overall tonight.  The efficiency and 6 Assists were nice to see.

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He's entitled to an off night shooting, especially when he contributes in other areas like somebody else said.  Also, the Jazz are a real mess right now, but it hasn't impacted Mitchell too much.  Except for the Houston blowout, he still gets over 30 minutes per game.

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51 minutes ago, greatestmetfan said:

When you pick a guy up and he's outplaying your 2nd round pick (13th) overall in John Wall you know how special he is and also get slightly frustrated lol

I have both as well, Wall is a different player than Mitchell. Even if he has an off night, he carries your team in assists. He's been rusty with his shot, but nobody in the league can rack up assists on a consistent basis like Wall can. Mitchell is a scorer. though he does help in the counting stats, but he doesn't get assists like Wall does. 

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