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Ricky Rubio 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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He's putting up first round value on my punt-winning team

To everyone who posted that they sold....the only way that information is insightful to anyone is if you say what the trade was and your league settings (8 or 9 cat, roto/H2H, # of teams). Without tha

I was messing around with Rubio's pass tracking stats, and I found it interesting to look at the frequency of who he passes it to most, and what that player is doing after they receive the pass. This

Obviously I have no way of knowing for sure, but it wouldn't have been surprising if he would have played at some point this week if it wasn't for the All-Star Break.  I don't expect him to play at all this week because of that, and I understand why even though it's unfortunate given how hot he was.

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4 hours ago, RipCity0 said:

So can he pass? Where is that guy insisting otherwise? 


its astounding how long it took Rubio and the Jazz to click, he had a hard time getting to 5 assists earlier in the season and also to earn enough minutes. Now he's a big part of their winning and even got 7 assists at the half. 


I don't get the long adjustment period and the way he started turning it on fairly late in the year

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Why did Yahoo just mark him as GTD? He better play. 

Edit: "

Ricky Rubio is questionable for Saturday's game against the Kings due a knee contusion.

This is a new injury from last night and it would be interesting to find out if it's from the fall he had after Marquese Chriss shoved him. If Rubio can't play, we may get to see more Dante Exum after a solid debut on Thursday. The Jazz also signed David Stockton, so that could be fun in garbage time."

Dangit. . . . are they going to bench him?
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