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Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook


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6 minutes ago, RustyMiller said:


I agree that the offense seemed lost without Kelce.

It just seemed they put the brakes on after they came out hot and never recovered.

Maybe it had to do with adjustments from Lebeau at halftime, but it just seems like all Andy Reid teams start out hot and end up fizzling.

I mean... they essentially went 3-and-out in the 3rd quarter and never saw the ball again until the 4th quarter. They went 3-and-out and punted and recovered the muffed punt only to go 3-and-out again and miss a 48 yard FG. Then the Titans went on another long drive and scored again and they got the ball back in the 4th quarter up 21-16 (I think that was the score). Then they had a 1st down and drops by the TEs not named Kelce hurt them. Hunt still had 5 touches in the 2nd half on about 20 offensive plays.


It was more of an issue of not having enough possessions in the 2nd half. Which is bizarre considering they were up 18 points. Defense made zero stops and lost the TOP completely. Offense struggled a bit without Kelce. All the offense needed was one defensive stop. Or to give up a FG and not 3 straight TDs.

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KC was up by multiple scores into the 3Q. Hunt had 11 carries in a playoff game in a season where he led the LEAGUE in rushing as a rookie over likely MVP Gurley.


Eric 'sleeping with' Bieniemy (credit Berman) was a scat-RB from COL - occasionally sensational - who played in the NFL in the 90s, originally drafted by SD. His best yrs if I recall were with the Bengals. When he retired he rejoined COL as a RB coach, had a few more jobs as RB coach before re-joining COL as an OC - and then latching onto Reed in 2013 as the RB coach since. He is a Reed protege.


His background as a runner would definitely accentuate the RB passing game - that was his specialty as a player. Who knows if he calls plays or not. The Nagy thing was an in-season adjustment.

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21 minutes ago, nromn said:

Ah, so we're back to Reid calling the plays it appears. I think I'll be fading him next year and let someone else overpay and deal with the frustration. 


That's my inclination as well. My mind can be changed. But again - Ware is back next year. West isn't legit and had a role that stole touches from Hunt.


Long way to go - maybe the Chiefs make some moves and the RB landscape looks different in 2018. 


Assuming all is the same (and don't forget they could draft another RB or 2 in the draft) Hunt is a fade next year unless you get him as a RB2 imo.

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On 1/9/2018 at 10:42 PM, SuperJoint said:



Assuming all is the same (and don't forget they could draft another RB or 2 in the draft) Hunt is a fade next year unless you get him as a RB2 imo.


Agree as a #2, seems like drafting at the end turn could be nice next season.

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