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Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook


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25 minutes ago, kco734 said:

Charknado is going to be much more involved then most people expected is my opinion


He'll inevitably vulture some TDs and will definitely be involved for sure, but he is not a direct threat to Hunt insomuch that you need to worry about 50-50 RBBC or anything

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26 minutes ago, TheLegacy said:


It's not that bad of a move, I thought about it but don't have any one to drop.


If Hunt gets injured or doesn't hold up, the guy hits pay dirt by picking up CWest. (Which isn't out of the realm of possibility. CWest was a great PPR back in 2015 after the Charles injury) If CWest is trash tonight, he can just as easily drop him and pick up another lotto pick for Sunday. He basically loses nothing by picking up CWest.


i completely understand the rationale

If i was worried i would have picked him myself, I just dont like the thought of this guy thinking he has one upped me

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1 hour ago, StevieStats said:

Hunt has the same speed as Le'Veon Bell, suggesting he would be benched because of his speed is a pretty poor assumption.


Also, hate to break it to you, but two of the 4 RB you named are WR. Plus Jhavid Best was okay for 1.5 years and hasn't been in the league for like 5 years, that's the "best" you can do? ... There's a lot more to being a good pass catching back than being fast. 


You apparently don't understand that the only reason I used them was to illustrate the difference in speed between their bodies.  Whether they're WR or RB is so freakin' irrelevant right there.

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On 9/4/2017 at 1:15 PM, svtballa said:

Average talent at best.  Ran a 4.62 40 lets face it...Thats awful.  I wouldnt touch him anytime before round 5.




On 9/4/2017 at 1:23 PM, svtballa said:

why the jokes?  You people are going bananas and drafting this guy in round 3?  An unproven RB with an average skill set at best,  You clearly didnt read his draft profile I linked.  Best part is your all going to be flooding this forum when he underwhelms.  Why not just pass?


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