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Miguel Andujar - 3B Yankees

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On 2/22/2018 at 2:15 PM, mortl said:

I could also see him and frazier being packaged for a solid SP come deadline 

if drury performs at 3rd i agree with you


not sure who they would target tho.  not sure tampa would trade archer

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Second HR Today after his walk off yesterday.  Are Yankees really considering starting Drury over him? Had a strong feeling about this guy and last time I felt this way about a player was Mookie Betts several years ago when it seemed like nobody talked about him and he was down in prospect rankings even though he had amazing Minors stats. Andujar seems to be getting better with every higher level which is a great sign of a star in the making.

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Kid can straight mash, I don't put much weight behind what he's doing this spring, but he has upper echelon bat speed and wrist strength. It is translating well to his exit velos. Drury is not standing in his way for long. This NYY lineup is a little scary, huh?

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On 3/2/2018 at 11:46 PM, Picard56 said:

Anyone think he breaks camp with the team this year?

wondering this too.  send torres back down and let drury/wade or drury/ronald torryes handle 2nd??

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You read some reports like this which point to Andujar getting 3rd....



Then others that have Torres and Andujar getting sent down in favor of the Drury and Walker.



My heart wants Andujar to be the guy out of camp, he's ripping it up in ST, but Yanks keep signing veteran FA's.  What gives?

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