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This is a 32 team start-up dynasty league with a salary cap and contracts  designed to mimic the NFL.  Each of the 32 teams is an NFL team with logo, etc..along with a salary cap which will mirror the NFL.  The scoring system is a variant(and improvement I believe) on a scoring system I have used for over ten years.  The scoring is meant to reward efficiency on both offense and defense.   Rbs, Wrs, and TEs are rewarded  for 1st downs.  QBs are in part scored for their QB rating. In the NFL, the reality on defense is rushing the passer is paramount and this scoring reflects that.  Review the player stats from the available past years and you will see  how stud NFL players scored in this system on both offense and defense.  In 2015, JJ Watt who many considered a candidate for MVP, was the #2 scoring player in the entire league in this format.  Top CBs in the NFL typically are at the top of this format as well possible given the stat parameters currently available from hosting sites.


To start the league, we will have an auction which will include both veteran and rookie players which will begin very shortly after the league is full.  In following seasons, there will be a draft of rookie players and an auction for veteran free agents.   The league has a copy of each player in each conference.  We will use LeagueSafe for all funds.





League Scoring:




League Settings:




My Contact:


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10 hours ago, Couscous16 said:

I'm interested, have you got a few owners already or you looking for the entire 32 still?

We have 27 teams who have already paid their League Dues.  I may be looking to replace 5 teams with one definite opening right now, the 49ers!  Would you like in...  This league already has 27 committed owners!

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