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August Closer Thread 2017


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My thoughts on Texas:


Claudio is theoretically the closer... but he's also their only bullpen lefty, so they won't save him for the 9th if they get in a spot where they really need a southpaw.


If Claudio is used earlier, Leclerc is next in line for save opps. If Leclerc could cut down his walks a bit, maybe he could take the job and run with it, and the whole thing would get less complicated.


Same goes for Kela, who is their most talented reliever and probably should be the closer, but isn't being used that way. His name even came up in trade rumors at the deadline, which leads me to believe that the Rangers might still be unhappy with his attitude stemming back to the little incident that got him demoted to the minors to start the year.


So in conclusion... who the hell knows?

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7 hours ago, WaKe21334 said:


The organization hates him. He is, in my opinion , their best bullpen arm but they will not pitch him in the 9th. 


I think in this instance he just missed his opportunity.  Bannister was all ready to let Kela close and seemed to be next in line behind Bush, but then when he went on the DL they were forced to go to Plan C in Claudio, and he's been solid ever since.  They're very different style pitchers, but Claudio has been getting great results for, well, ever.  After he saved a few games with Kela on the DL you'd think he has to start blowing some before they make another change.  

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8 hours ago, HaloFanatic17 said:

Claudio pitched 3.2 innings last 3 days before tonight's appearance. 

Claudio pitched monday and tuesday and the key here....had wednesday off. Monday was 26 pitches and tuesday was only 9. Which is the same amount of pitches that Leclrec had thrown in the past 2 games. IP doesnt matter, pitch count does.

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