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Startup Auction Dynasty League ($100)

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I am looking for owners for a startup auction dynasty and need 4 owners. I am hoping to start the slow auction in the next 10 days. You can find information about the league here. League fee is $100 with a $30 deposit also being due in year #1. We are really looking for experienced and committed owners who plan to stay in the league for several years. It is PPR scoring with 2 flex guys. All funds are held in LeagueSafe. Please contact me if interested.


Full disclosure: We started this league last year and had 6 owners just not respond to numerous messages about returning in 2017. For that reason, we decided to do a reset this year and have this as year #1 of the dynasty rather than ask 6 teams to take over rosters. 



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We ended up starting this auction on Friday, but had a team go AWOL which caused us to suspend in the auction. During that suspended period, an owner and his brother opted to leave the league due to some differences that couldn't be resolved. Therefore, we have 2 spots open and are looking to start the slow auction ASAP. We will obviously be starting over from the beginning with the slow auction.

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