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Dynasty $$$ Start Up (Gauging Interest)

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I have been running a couple money leagues for past 15 years on ESPN/Yahoo.  My first year doing a dynasty league on MFL was last year.  It was by far the best experience but the owner drafted a terrible team and abruptly ended the league.  


I want to start a $$$ dynasty league.  Thinking $100 league fee each year and $75 deposit goes towards next year so we don't have owners leaving.  I want to get owners who will be in year in and year out to create some good rivalries and friendships.  


The league settings will be mostly PPR standard (maybe a couple changes with point set up). NOT IDP. 


It will be 12-16 team with a couple IR spots, couple spots for taxi squad and will be a slow draft (with option for trading picks).  


Look forward to hearing if anyone is interested and would prefer a couple owners that have experience in the dynasty realm to help make this an awesome league. 


My email is tannerwoz23@gmail.com if anyone has any questions.

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I have got good interest and looks like everyone is looking for a 12 team dynasty/$125 League.  Since I received good interest, I made a free MFL league for now to see what everyone thinks.   (see links below)


We will have to have $200 dollars down for first year sign up as the other $75 will go to next year to prevent owners from leaving.  ALSO, 20% of Prize Pool will go to Year 5 to prevent owners from leaving. Year 1-4, will be withheld to create a JACKPOT in year 5, at which point, the prize pool will be more than double the previous year's 1-4 payouts. This creates a strong incentive for teams to build for now and for the future. It also creates another incentive for people to stay for full 5 years as they are forgoing paid money not to mention the chance at the Super Pool. This concept makes attracting new owners to the league much easier for abandoned teams. 


$2,400 in LeagueSafe after first year.  Of that $2,400 only $1,200 will be use towards this year.  As the other $25 each year will go to year 5 JACKPOT.  


League Champ = $550
Super Bowl Runner Up = $250
3rd Place = $100 
Highest Point Scorer = $60

Weekly Highest Scoring Team: = $15 per week for 16 weeks = $240


Total Money Year 1 = $1,200


League Homepage


Scoring info can be found here


If anyone has any questions my email is tannerwoz23@gmail.com



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