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Startup Dynasty League, true dynasty too.

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312 total players will be drafted


It's called MONSTER LEAGUE, and it'll be run on Fleaflicker, and $ will be handled in Leaguesafe.

It's $50 a year and guys will be paying 4 years in advance.

email me at sportspoolguy@gmail.com if you have questions.



Initial Draft is September 5th at 8:30 pm eastern (but may be moved to ensure we get 24, we have 10 right now)

13 man rosters, 7 starters (QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, Flex)\

-if you aren’t good at math, that’s 312 players.


After the season, you will keep everyone but ONE player.  

ONE ROUND draft with worst team the previous year getting first pick.

Two Division of 12 teams:  You will play everyone in your division ONCE

-12th week will be a crossover week (Position in standings)

-Cross over week has no bearings on playoff seeding; only draft order

- both 12th place teams will play for #1 pick; winner gets it

-both 11th place teams will play for #3 pick, etc

-This will continue to the 6th place teams playing for the 13th pick.
-Playoff finishes will determined rest of order.  

-Tiebreaker for teams eliminated in same rounds is points scored

Playoffs are 10 teams.  5 teams from each division..

- Each division winner is #1 and #2 seed.

-#3 through 6th seed is determined by points scored. (regardless of record)

-1st through 6th seed all get byes in week 13.

-#7 vs. #10 and #8 vs. #9 will be the first round of playoffs.

Other weird rules:

1) There will be no ties, ties will be broken by bench score (so active bench could be important)

2) Cannot trade draft picks since everyone needs one each year.

3) Pick 6 is actually -6 for a quarterback

4) SOME tanking is NOT allowed; I will replace bye week/injured players with guys from bench

-starting a backup quarterback over starting quarterbacks allowed but frowned upon

-In a league you keep almost everyone, you really want a spot wasted by backups?


$1200 pot each year.

$100 for each division winners ($200 total)

$50 to highest scoring team.

1st place - $600

2nd place - $250

3rd place - $100



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