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12 team 8 cat H2H ESPN


We can only keep 3 players each year and the cost to keep is the previous years ADP.  My options are below, it's a really tough decision!  For the players below I choose not to keep I will definitely be able to get draft picks for them in a trade before the draft as they will be great keepers for another team.  Which 3 would you keep? (also I can keep 2 1st rounders they would just take up my first and second round picks)


KD - 1st round

Kawhi - 1st round

Kristaps - 3rd round 

Jokic - 4th round

M Turner - 6th round 

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Would love to get some more opinions, thanks for the guys that already offered input. I am so stumped!


Also please copy your link would love to help out where I can.

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KD will provide elite fantasy production for the next 4-5 years as will Kawhi and are worthy of keeping at the 1st round. Jokic in the 4th is insane as is Turner in the 6th. technically they should all be 1st or 2nd rounders. I would keep KD as he provides more scoring and will complement Jokic and Turner well. i dont see an advantage Kawhi has over KD besides his age(barely). KD has similar %s, more points, more rebounds, similar assists, similar steals, similar blocks. 

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