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Damiere Byrd 2017 Season Outlook

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4 minutes ago, throwaway9614 said:

Anyone firing him up week 16?


You know, I think he will probably do better than Funchess. I think Cam likes the quick short throws to guys who can run for the yards more than having to throw downfield to a slower Funchess hoping he gets separation. 

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55 minutes ago, this guy right here said:

Snap counts last three weeks: 40.4%, 59.4%, 66.2%. 


I like that trend. Plus, Funchess is nicked up (Not practicing as of Wednesday.) TB was a great matchup before their starting S and CB went on IR this week. CAR playing for playoff spot/division. It's all lining up for a big game.


My gut is telling me this kid will outperform Funchess.

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Just now, Fort4242 said:

If Funchess sits, I think I might roll Byrd over Goodwin and Keelan Cole.  If Funchess were to sit, who else do they have?


Funchess wont sit.....he just isn’t practicing like many vets who are hobbled. You are getting way ahead of yourself here. In fact, I think having Fun there may help Byrd so that he doesn’t become number one WR. 

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After Minn game:


“(Byrd’s) quickness is something that really helps us,” Carolina coach Ron Rivera said. “It opens up some stuff for him and not just him, but people around him. We will continue to work with him and watch him grow as a player. But again, he’s very quick, very fast, and is a guy we have to continue to expand his role in what he does for us.”


I wasn’t considering him but I am starting to warm up to the idea.  I’m in the finals but my WR situation is bad without AB.  I’d put Golladay in the same category but Byrd has less competition. 

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Am I crazy to start Byrd as boom or bust WR3?  Home game vs slow and banged up Tampa secondary vs. 4.29 speedster who is second WR option coming off 2 TD game.  Snap count increasing every game.  Shepherd inactive.  Funchess not 100%.   McCoy and David back to help out vs Panthers run game.  David also able to help out vs. Olsen.  


My gut says and Byrd has a decent chance at another TD, or at least a long reception with 70+ total yards.  

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20 minutes ago, gimme the ball said:

Lot of mouths to feed, Olsen, McCaffrey, Funch. 


Every team has a starting TE, WR1 and a pass catching RB.  Byrd is obviously 4th in line but the only the field stretcher (Funchess is more of an intermediate guy) against a slow defensive backfield.   I’m gojng with him, just hoping that for oncecthis season my WR3 gut is correct.

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