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Kenyan Drake 2017 Season Outlook

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3 minutes ago, griffin727 said:


Thats the problem, we aren’t exactly dealing with a Sean McVay of offensive genius here. It’s pretty clear Damien Williams is a replacement level 3rd down back. We all see it, somehow Adam Gase and his Bros don’t. How many 40+ yard TD runs does Drake how this year? 3? I doubt there are more than a handful of players that can say that. Meanwhile Williams had one Moses-parting-the-seas-level-blocked-run that has otherwise left him with a long run of I’d guess like 12.


100% agree. If Drake had been the one to break the run Williams did it would have been a touchdown. Easily. Also another great point you just made. The long TD runs, I can’t think of any other RB in the NFL this season that has broken 3+ 40-yard TD runs. I’m sure there is 1 or 2 more backs but the most impressive part about drake doing it is opportunity. He has maybe had 70 carries all season after last week. I really think he has all the tools to be a top end bellcow. Maybe a little undersized but good lord he is fast, strong, has great vision in the pits, can catch out of the backfield. I don’t know what else he can do to make Gase realize he has a special player 

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2 hours ago, SuperJoint said:

I'm starting w/a decent level of confidence. His versatility is what gives me the confidence he'll cobble together a RB2 line in the toughest of matchups as the main guy. And NE is tough but not that terrible a matchup.


Worst case he gets what, like, 5 catches in garbage time?

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Kenyan Drake hadn't rushed for 100 yards in a game since his sophomore year at Alabama, before doing it again Sunday for the Miami Dolphins.


It happened against the Denver Broncos, one of the best rush defenses in the league.


And he says he isn't done quite yet. Drake earned his heaviest workload of the season -- and career -- Sunday in a 35-9 victory at Hard Rock Stadium. He carried 23 times for 120 yards and had a 42-yard touchdown. Drake also pulled in three catches for 21 yards.


"I'm all for helping my team win any way possible, so I pride myself in being a versatile player, not just a running back," Drake said. "So I don't need 20-25 carries a game to want to help my team win. I play special teams, things of that sort. So when my number is called, I just want to step up and help my team in every way possible."


The Broncos had closed the gap when Justin Simmons had a 65-yard interception return for a touchdown in the third quarter, making the score 19-9. Two minutes later, Drake his another gear, bursting for a 42-yard sprint to pay dirt.


But those runs are becoming commonplace for the second-year back. The Dolphins' third-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft has had a nose for the big play in his new role, following the trade of Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles. Drake's 42-yard scamper was his second run of that exact distance in his last five games. He also had a long run three weeks ago, when he hit the hole for a 66-yard score in primetime against the Carolina Panthers.


"The most important thing is consistency, so at the end of the day it's following the game plan and making sure you are where you need to be, when you need to be there, and being on the same path with the offensive line. If you are moving to fast, you are ahead of the offensive line. If you are not there quick enough, you are behind it. This game is a game of inches. When everything lines up you have games like this."


Drake has needed many things to happen to land in this position as a reliable fantasy football running back. He started the season lower in the pecking order, behind the proclaimed 'workhorse' Jay Ajayi and fitting in around a pass catching back in Damien Williams.


Williams is now dealing with a shoulder injury. He missed Sunday's game and could miss more time with the ailment, prompting a continued workload for Drake. The Crimson Tide product says he's ready to fill whatever role he's needed for.


"I feel like I'm built for this at the end of the day," Drake said. "I've put my body through rigorous tests throughout the offseason and during the season in practice. I try to finish every play 30 or 40 yards down the field so I can keep my wind. Especially when it's in this type of weather. The defense comes here and they get worn down because they're not used to this type of atmosphere, so I pride myself in trying to be a complete back in that regard."



Drake supplied the effort agains a defense which ranks in the top 5 for fewest rushing yards allowed per game, but the Dolphins have a softer schedule ahead in terms of rush defenses.


"I thought he did a good job," Dolphins coach Adam Gase said of Drake. "He was patient with what we were asking him to do. A lot of times schematically we were leaving him the free guy. We were putting it on him to make them miss, trying to get us some better angles, and he did that. The good thing about Kenyan is that when he gets to the open field and it's one-on-one he's a tough guy to run down."


Miami hosts the New England Patriots in Week 14 and battle the Buffalo Bills in Week 15. Those defenses are allowing the seventh and eighth most rushing yards per game in the NFL, respectively. If Williams stays out, Drake is firmly in the top half of RB2s for the first few weeks of the fantasy football playoffs.

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Down 9.64 points in a PPR league.  Have Drake left against his Landry.  You guys think Drake could have a big game tonight :( I can't believe my only hope is this guy going off for 25-30 points and Landry having a mediocre 10-14 point game.  It seems so unlikely to happen.  

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Just now, Chwf3rd said:

I need this dude to go off tonight

Me too...down 22.26pts. If he matches what he did last week I win. Praying for a miracle. 

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2 minutes ago, Spina said:

Me too...down 22.26pts. If he matches what he did last week I win. Praying for a miracle. 


We need this so bad.  I just wish he got busy in the pass catching and breaks off a few big runs with 2 TD's. Would be a miracle but I am sending good vibes our way. 

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1 hour ago, dlionsfan901 said:


We need this so bad.  I just wish he got busy in the pass catching and breaks off a few big runs with 2 TD's. Would be a miracle but I am sending good vibes our way. 


In the same boat, need a monster game from him for me to advance. LEGGO!

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six-pack of Dolphins notes on a Tuesday:


▪ Kenyan Drake clearly is having more success than Jay Ajayi did early this season. And the reasons are twofold:


1) Drake is doing something that coach Adam Gase wanted Ajayi to do more of: hit the hole hard instead of hesitating or trying to create a big play out of nothing.


2) ESPN analyst KC Joyner, who tracks every running play in every game, said the run-blocking has improved considerably since Ajayi was traded after Game 7.


Joyner tells us that Miami was at a 31.5 percent good blocking rate through seven games. They are now at a 33.3 percent GBR, which is due to their 36.3 percent GBR from games 8 through 12. (Last week’s Denver game has not been graded.)


The 36.3 percent GBR “is still more than five points behind the 41.4 percent GBR league-wide average, so they went from abysmal to mediocre in this time frame,” Joyner said.


There have been some changes on this offensive line since Ajayi’s late October trade, with Jesse Davis playing more, Ted Larsen returning from injury and Ja’Wuan James and Anthony Steen lost for the season because of injury. Davis and Sam Young have played well the past two weeks.


Let’s do a few Ajayi/Drake comparisons:


1) Career rushing averages: Ajayi stands at 4.5 (476 for 2,153 yards). Drake has a better average with far fewer carries (5.1 average, 98 for 499).


2) Ajayi/Drake comparison in their Dolphins work this season: Ajayi averaged 3.4 yards per carry for the Dolphins this season behind this offensive line (138 for 465). Drake is averaging 4.9 (65 for 320).


Since the Ajayi trade to Philadelphia for a fourth-rounder: Drake is averaging 5.4 yards per carry (55 for 295). Ajayi is averaging 7.9 for Philadelphia with fewer carries (29 for 229).


4) Ajayi has a slightly higher per catch average in his career (6.3 to 5.8), but Drake seems the more natural receiver. Drake has two fumbles since the Ajayi trade, and Ajayi has one for Philadelphia…


Among all NFL running backs with at least 60 carries, Drake’s 4.9 average this season ranks ninth….


Drake is one of only three NFL running backs with at least three 40-yard runs this season. Kansas City’s Kareem Hunt (193 attempts) and Chicago’s Jordan Howard (212 attempts) also have three 40-plus-yard runs but both have at least 100 more rushing attempts than Drake’s 65 carries this seaso.n


And from Gase’s standpoint, this is important: Unlike Ajayi, Drake isn’t a complainer. Ajayi’s attitude wore thin on the coaching staff. Drake doesn’t do everything perfectly but he doesn’t sulk or make waves. 



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Kenyan Drake will be one of the most-owned running backs on championship rosters. Drake was always the superior player to Damien Williams, and the Dolphins can’t deny that anymore since Williams has been out. Even if Williams returns, Drake has to remain the lead option, and no team has a better three-game schedule for running back matchups than the Dolphins.”

– Jake Ciely (RotoExperts)


“Kenyan Drake will be a top 5 RB for the fantasy playoffs. Over the next three weeks, Drake is scheduled to face the Patriots, Bills, and Chiefs — three teams that have been very generous to opposing running backs and are surrendering an average of 17.50, 21.67, and 16.83 standard fantasy points to the position, respectively. Although the Dolphins are among the lower 25% of the league in plays per game with 60.9, and are likely to be playing from behind during these games, I believe Adam Gase and company will lean more heavily on Drake this late into a losing season, especially after his 23/120/1 performance versus the Broncos last week. If there were ever a time for the Dolphins to see what they have out of their third-round sophomore running back, the next three weeks would be an excellent time to do so.”

– Robert Waziak (Pyromaniac)

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3 minutes ago, Chwf3rd said:


who cares right now

I do, and probably most phins fans.  Phins offense has looked much better since he's taken over the lead role.  He could've been beasting since the ajayi trade.  

Edited by ccimore
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5 minutes ago, ccimore said:

Why did it take Gase so long to figure out Drake was the best back? Why did he have Williams ahead of him? I just don't get it SMH....

Ajayi is a great back.They are completely different types of RBs though. Drake looks like a much better fit for the scheme they run though. At least this season.

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On 11/28/2017 at 5:24 PM, burninglegs said:

Hoping he can take us to the promiseland. 


On 12/5/2017 at 6:10 PM, burninglegs said:

Take us to the promise land Drake. 


On 12/5/2017 at 8:47 PM, TennisMenace said:


Unfortunately, Patriots defense have found themselves. Ceiling can’t be too high for Drake. 



Keep on schedule Drake. Take us to the promiseland. That's where dreams are made. 

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1 minute ago, devaster said:

Ajayi is a great back.They are completely different types of RBs though. Drake looks like a much better fit for the scheme they run though. At least this season.

I'm talking about after the Ajayi trade.  Gase had Drake behind journeyman Williams when it was clear Drake was the more talented back.  Since Drake has taken over, offense has looked great.  Makes no sense to me why Gase would trot Williams out there for so long.

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