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Which OF + RP should I offer to get Quintana? (WHIR)

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Pick one OF and one RP that you would package, from my players below, to get Quintana.   I offered them their pick of OF plus Holland for C-Mart but they didn't go for it.  I'm not super excited about Quintana, but he's probably better than most streamers.  


12-team, h2h, 5x5, redraft.

C – Realmuto; 1B – Freeman; 2B – Dozier; 3B – K.Seager; SS – Machado; OF – Merrifield, Duvall, Pham ; Util – Smoak; Bench –  Hicks, Souza, Santana; DL – Correa

SP – Severino, Wood, Taillon, Salazar (I stream a lot)
RP – Holland, Greene,  Doolittle,  Rosenthal, Vizcaino, Bedrosian

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Don't offer Smoak. He's having a career year and Quintana gets a lot of love for being mediocre. The dude has a +4 Era but gets some love cuz he's on the Cubs and has a solid K rate. I would ofget any of Souza, Pham or Duvall. And Rps I would do Doolittle or Vizcaino

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