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Trade R. Zimmerman and Godley for Votto? WHIR!!

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Hi All,


14Team, H2H, 9x9 cats ( xtra cats: H,2B,3B,OBP, L,BB,CG, HLDS)


Should I trade my R. Zimmerman and Godley for Votto?  I would be thin in SP and my SPs are not pitching well these last few weeks.  Top FAs are Roark, Castillo and Clevenger.


Should I make the trade? WHIR!!


My Team:



1B: Freeman

2B: LeMahieu

3B: Arenado

SS: Segura

OF: Blackmon

OF: J. Ramirez

OF: Bellinger

UTLI: R. Zimmerman

UTLI: J. Turner

BN: K. Marte, M. Taylor


SP: Bumgarner, Godley, Nola, Happ, Berrios,   DL: C. Anderson

RP: Brach, Iglesias, Greene, Devenski, Hand, C. C. Green









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Yes, I make the deal.  R-Zim's OPS has sharply declined since May and now he's without Trea OR Bryce in the lineup.  Votto's OPS has been around 1.000 except for one months.  While Cincy sucks, I think Votto will give you a much higher floor going forward.


Return the favor? 


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Oh my god yes. Do that immediately. Then grab Roark off waivers. Votto is a top scoring player in my league. I have Zimmerman myself and he's all over the place, very unpredictable. Godley pitches for a good team but I think he's overachieving. hope this helps!


Help me out too if ya can! 

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