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Who to start? ERod, Taillon, Lynn, Chacin? WHIR!

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I have a big matchup against the team I trail by a game.  How would you rate the following 4 pitchers for this week?


Jhoulys Chacin 1 start at home vs. Wash.  He has been awesome at home with a 1.86 ERA.  The Nats have been excellent against RHP but now there is no Harper which is pretty big. Goes against Edwin Jackson so thats not too bad either.


Lance Lynn 1 start at Boston (vs. E Rodriguez) Lynn not quite as good on the road.


Eduardo Rodriguez 1 start home vs. St. Louis (vs. L Lynn).  He has had back to back good starts with good velo last time out.  Also has been better at home.


Jameson Taillon 1 start at home vs. St. Louis (vs. Wainwright)  After getting destroyed a few starts, he has been good again the last 2 and getting some k's.  I still have some scars from those bombings a few starts ago.


Who would you rate these four- as I will start either 2 or 3 of them-depending if I go with an extra closer or not.


Leave a link WHIR!





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I'd rank Lance Lynn first. He's been very solid in his past 6 starts, scoring positively in my league's format every time. Boston isn't the best matchup but STL has been playing great lately and I'd favor Lynn more than ERod. Number 2 ranking is a toss up between Taillon and ERod but I'd favor Taillon just because I personally don't like pitting my pitches against each other (chances are one pitcher will lose and cancel out the success of the either). So I'd say Lynn #1, Taillon #2, ERod #3, Chacin #4 (I don't trust the Padres haha). Hope this helps!


help me out too maybe?

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