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Noah Syndergarrd trade dynasty

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I am a top contender in my dynasty league. Im not sure Noah will come back and help me. 


My top offer is Jacob Faria, Ozzie Albies, Willy adames (id flip for Trevor Bauer), and Joe Jimenez. 


Is this good enough value for Noah? This is a 30 team h2h dynasty league. Thanks

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Getting Faria and Albies in a keeper isn't bad. If you have a shot to win it this year I'd say take it because Faria will help you out a lot more than Noah rest of the way. 30 Teams is a huge league and I'm sure pitching is thin but if you can for sure turn it into Bauer as well I'd say go for it.

I'm trying to deal him in my keeper as well, and was offered Mookie Betts for Noah, Rhys Hoskins and Reynaldo Lopez. Trying to keep Hoskins out of the deal though.

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I would not do the deal. Not necessarily because I don't think it's enough but I don't think it's enough of a win now move for you. Faria has been really good but he is still a rookie and there is still plenty of time for the league to figure him out. Albies and Jimenez are good dynasty league pieces but they are still risks. I do like Bauer for the rest of the year but if you are playing for now, I would try to get better starting pitching than just flipping Syndergaard for what are essentially extra pieces. 

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