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2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

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32 minutes ago, CraftyRighty said:

I am picking up Nick Folk everywhere! Anyone else


He is good, plays for a high powered TB offense who give him plenty of chances, plays Minny who seems to give up tons of FG. I just see TB stalling in the RZ at least 2-3 times and I love analyzing floors when determining kickers, and Folk has a 9 point floor this week IMO



Im rolling

Gano v NO

Parkey vNYJ

Legatron v 9ers

Tucker v Jags


Not sure if folks is better than any of them.  Jets are 23rd overall to kickers i wonder if thats just because the kicker only kicks PATs?  

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GB vs CIN. No trap game on this one. Inept o-line, QB issues, new play calling, ineffective RB's and Eifert is injured and might be out. The only thing they have going for them is AJ Green but he can easily be taken out of the game considering all the other issues they have.


GB also gets CHI next week 

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Anyone else holding on to TB while waiting on news on Bradford? They were a great start this past Sunday and I think could have a repeat performance this week with Keenum, but I'm less certain with Bradford at the helm. Or have people moved on?

I've got Philly and StL (and more) sitting there on FA, don't know if I should just pull the trigger or wait on news and risk having to choose a lower-tier streamer. 

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5 hours ago, molonLabe80 said:



Doesnt matter eli will be sacked at least 10 times with how bad his o line is.  


You sound pretty confident about that.  I got Philly but Steelers are available.  Should I go after them as the safer play? 

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Do you guys think Panthers are a drop with not only Brees next but then Brady? 

Edit scratch that, gonna try to make room to hold them because their schedule looks decent after pats 

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10 hours ago, 1972Miamidolphins said:

Nooooooo, packers



Why not?

Have you seen how bad the bengals offense is?

Week 4 they play at home vs CHI so thats a good matchup as well.

Also happy to roll with Legatron tonight and ROS really, rams offense seems ok enough to move the ball but then stall out in range and the defense should be good enough not to get blown out.


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Anyone brave enough / in a deep enough league to look at the Browns DST this week vs. Indy?  The WW is barren and my other options is Panthers DST vs. Saints.  Colts have given up the most opposition DST points so far and have been very lost/turnover prone without Luck.  Browns DST has also been surprisingly decent - they have some good playmakers that create turnovers, even if the end result is rough.

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