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2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

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Seen it touched on, but how are people feeling about the Chiefs this week and ROS? They were available in one of my leagues so I scooped them up on name value last week and they were... okay. Their upcoming schedule is pretty much all middle-tier offenses, and a bye week still coming. Doesn't seem like they're the powerhouse of years past, but are they still an every-week startable defense, or have they dropped into the streamable range? 

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5 hours ago, The Joey Harringtons said:

Denver Denfense has looked like an elite group out on the field, and the numbers agree; ESPN currently lists them at #1 in their defensive power rankings.  


This, however, has not translated to an equally formidable fantasy defense. In standard scoring Yahoo leagues, DEN DST currently sits at #18 for season total points. 


Granted, Denver has had their bye already (good thing), but at this point in the season, I am planning to drop and go with Saints DST and/or stream. 


Anyone else jumping ship?


Trying to package a trade to a Denver homer.  I also picked up Saints.  And scooping up Detroit while on bye.  

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40 minutes ago, The Answer said:

JAGs owners


arw you planning to hold through the bye next week?  If so, who are targeting or maybe even grabbing this week?  


Definitely holding the Jags D - they have been dominant. Picked up the Vikings D for their date next week with the Browns.

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23 minutes ago, kelle1sa said:

Holding as well.  Was able to snag NO def this past week playing home against CHI.


I own Jags D in both leagues and am holding. Picked up NO (vs CHI) in 1 league and BUF (vs OAK) in the other. Might relook BUF vs OAK after last night. Def not dropping Jags though.

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3 minutes ago, FlyingElvis said:

Winston's been cleared to start. Luke Kuechly is OUT this weekend. 


With that in mind, Bills vs. Bucs or Panthers @ Bears?

I was curious about the same thing on the panters but I would go Panthers still....Concussion boy boosts howards ability, not nec bears passing game other than maybe a bit more time in the pocket. I have panthers and still rolling them out. Glad I dropped Chiefs lol


Panthers MLB Luke Kuechly (concussion) is out for Week 7 against the Bears.

Kuechly was concussed last Thursday night against the Eagles in Week 6 and hasn't yet passed protocol. He's expected to see a doctor Monday, which could put him on track for Week 8. Kuechly's absence will provide a big boost to offensive focal point Jordan Howard for the Bears.
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4 hours ago, Ayohjay said:

Start Vikings or saints this week?


41 minutes ago, kick_it_like-OBJ said:



Think saints DST is a trap 


If you can, beat the rush next week and stash the Saints; they're home against the Bears.

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