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Who to draft first in keeper league? WHIR

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It's an established league, .5 PPR and I get to keep the player in the same round for 5 years. There's a few players available that I'm debating. I'm already keeping Cooper(2nd), Gronk(4th), Crowell(5th), and A. Robinson(15th). I'm leaning towards running back to fill out my team. Here's the top players available. 


AJ Green

Dez Bryant

One of the rookie RB's (Fournette, Mixon, Cook, McCaffrey)

Aaron Rodgers


My gut pick is Joe Mixon. I feel like he's a true 3 down running back and the most talented back in the class. He might not be the main RB for the first 4 games of his career but after he takes over I feel like he's fantasy gold and I'm looking long term. Green is great but I have a couple good WR's already and want a player I'll be excited about keeping in the 1st round every year. I feel like Mixon is that guy. Fournette's multiple foot injuries scare me and the Jags are terrible but he has a ton of talent and will be a true work horse. Cook is looking good and is definitely in the conversation. I'm not huge on McCaffrey because of Cam stealing goal line carries. Do I trust my gut and go against the rankings with Mixon or just take Fournette, Cook, or Green? 


Drop a link with your reply and I'll try to answer any questions you have as well. 

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If you're in it to win it this year, why not just take Aaron Rodgers? He's far and away the safest bet to produce at a high level. Mixon has a lot of talent, but I'm not sure his team and situation will allow him to produce significantly more than other RB's who can be drafted in the mid rounds. I think Rodgers is a no-brainer here.


Here's mine


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I'd have to say I agree with your assessment on Mixon. If you feel comfortable stashing him until he takes that starting job (could be week 1) I'd say he's the highest upside pick. We all love a good gamble and this one could pay off. Good luck! 

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It really doesn't matter who you take in the first round (or the second round for that matter). What matters is how you construct your roster in the later rounds and your in-season team management.


(holy crap I'm not sure how this got posted here, I wrote this for another topic. Humm.. Green, yeah go with Green)

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With the first 4 players you have as keepers, go for broke this year, take either AJ Green or Aaron Rodgers. Rookie running backs do have upside but also huge downside. A player like Green/Rodgers should be solid keepers for a few years yet and at worst their prime trade bait.

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