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Improving My Team with Trade/Waiver Help? WHIR

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I recently posted my "rate my team" thread, and you all have reassured me that it's a pretty good team for my league. Thanks to everyone who posted there!


I'm in a 12-team full PPR league with a standard QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, K, D/ST


Here is what I have right now.


QB: Marcus Mariota

RB: LeSean McCoy, DeMarco Murray, Tevin Coleman, Ameer Abdullah, Derrick Henry

WR: Brandin Cooks, Keenan Allen, Emmanuel Sanders, Willie Snead, Kenny Golladay, Kenny Stills

TE: Zach Ertz, Jason Witten

K: Wil Lutz

D/ST: Carolina Panthers


Question 1: I was looking to improve my WR situation a bit. I was considering trading Sanders/Allen + Abdullah/Coleman for a WR1. Is there any viable option that I should target for a trade like this? Maybe someone of the Green, Nelson, Thomas, or Cooper area?


Question 2: I received some advice that I should drop Witten and pick up someone off the waiver wire/free agency market. 


RBs that are available: Rawls, Jonathan Williams, Sims, Turbin

WRs: Hurns, Perriman, T. Smith, Funchess


Nothing too eye-catching, at the moment. Anything else I should look at? 



Thanks in advance! WHIR!


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I think your WR situation is solid enough to go into the season. I always find pre-week 1 people overvalue who they drafted so unless you sell out for a player you wont get it done.


Cooks and Allen are a solid starting 2 when healthy and I really like Snead to pick up the extra targets in that offence.


You don't really need 2 TE so definitely drop Witten and pick up either Funchess IMO. I'm staying away from seattle's RBs this year. Shoddy O-line and too many potential RBs who would take over.

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