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Who to take with 5th overall pick in re-draft WHIR


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I have the 5th pick in a snake , re-draft league 1 qb, 2rb 2wr te, rb/wr/te flex  6 points for all TDs and 1/2 ppr.  


I'm a bit confused as who to take with pick 1 (assuming 1-4 go Bell, DJ, AB and OBJ).  I know the consensus is to take Julio or McCoy, but i'm worried about Julio's foot.  also McCoy is playing in a new offense on a team that's cleaning house. 


Any suggestions?

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It really doesn't matter who you take in the first round (or the second round for that matter). What matters is how you construct your roster in the later rounds and your in-season team management.


(This appeared in another topic not sure how I pulled that off)

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I'm going to buck the trend and say not Julio. Easily worth a 1st round pick, but no WR was more boom and bust each week than Julio last year with 6 weeks of scoring less than 6 points your first round pick should be a lock for double digit points most weeks.


I'm going to say LeSean McCoy should be your guy. Focal point of an offence, gets involved in both run and pass and has a pretty decent schedule. 

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