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Yahoo screwed up, ruined dynasty draft od

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Here are the pertinent details:

$30, keeper/dynasty hybrid (keep 6/year). 12 teams, 2 teams were replaced.


A guy who had a real tough go of it last year was slated to draft 3rd.. during Yahoo's countdown, he's slated to draft 3rd. New guy A is 5th, New guy B is 6th.


Draft starts, all of a sudden, the original guy is now picking 6th (losing out on Mixon/Cook), New Guy B is 5th, New Guy A is 6th.


So now as commish, I'm not sure what to do here. Draft is done, teams are set. But the guy who got screwed wants to play for free or re-draft. 5th and 6th, being new guys, dont seem to care either way. Any suggestions here? I can force a re-draft, but its entirely possible that Yahoo glitches again. 


Also of note - we do FAAB, and we do $200 a piece. So I'm wondering if offering him extra FAAB would be enough of a sacrifice? I could also get the team that jumped to 3rd to force trade a 1st round swap in next year's draft (or 2nd + 6th if the benefactor has a lower pick in the 1st round)? Thoughts?

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I feel like it's only fair to redraft.  Seems like the only way to actually fix it and nobody could really complain.  I doubt Yahoo glitches twice like that.


I guess in real time the only thing that could have been done was have the owners pick for each other and then you force trade the players to the correct roster with the commish tools.  But that takes a lot of coordination on the fly and requires people to use the honors system lol...

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